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ANTARES Beach Club installs Premium Audiocenter Rig

ANTARES Beach club installs Premium Audiocenter Rig

Probably the most anticipated restaurant launch this year, Antares has created massive buzz since it was first announced around September this year. This collaboration between Delhi-based restaurateurs Ashish Kapur and Joydeep Singh (of The Wine Company and Dimsum Bros) and Masterchef Australia Season 6 contestant Sarah Todd has transformed a breathtaking property on top of a cliff into a casual eatery cum vibrant beach club.

Located on the beautiful waters of small Vagator Beach, Antares is an avant garde restaurant and beach club in Goa. Antares is situated on the top of a small hill overseeing the alluring sea, which like an enchantress casts its spell. Vagator Beach has dramatic red cliffs looking down on the shore and two fresh water springs within a stone's throw of the sea. The restaurant is named Antares after the brightest star (“the heart of the scorpion”) in the constellation Scorpio, which, incidentally, is Sarah’s sun sign. Sarah Todd, says “I was inspired by world-class beach clubs such as Karma Kandara in Bali and Sunset Ashram in Ibiza. We wanted the space to have a very international feel and vibe.”

Antares consists of a Day Bar to beat the heat, stunning sunset views of the sea, a 250-seat Modern Australian restaurant with a menu offering fresh ingredients and exotic flavours, 13 Villas with the most breath-taking view, a Pool befitting the spectacular ambiance of the restaurant, the Beach Club offering scrumptious Tapas & Drinks.

The setting of this Avant Garde Night Spot is indeed gorgeous: perched on the cliffs of Vagator in North Goa. Set on the shores of vagator, the beach club is one of Antares’ prime gathering places. Here one finds lavish day beds, woodfire pizzas, tasty share plates and refreshing cocktails to break up the dips in the ocean all whilst listening to sunset rituals and and live music played by internationally renowned artists.



The Install was Spec’ed by Samir Kripalani of Roomtone Delhi and Installed by Troy Furtado of Just Audio, Goa . There are basically 2 parts of this Club , a large Al fresco area and an indoor Nightclub . “We chose the KLA28 linearray from Audiocenter for Front of House (FOH)as it is perhaps the most diverse speaker available that we could adapt into the Outdoor and indoor Spaces. It has the power, dispersion and quality we required given the programming outline.’’ explains Samir, Well known live sound engineer to the Indian music industry.

The K-LA series is primarily used for fixed installation and touring performance systems. After many years' in-depth research, the Audiocenter R&D team has developed the unique PTVTM technology which combines phase and waveguide engineering together seamlessly. This connector, installed between the driver and horn, ensures uniformity and directional accuracy throughout the sound field. With the special horn design, the K-LA delivers an accurate sound array with extremely low distortion. The KLA28 has a Power Capacity (AES) of 450W RMS with 50W on HF, 200W on MF and 200W on lows , a Frequency response (-6dB anechoic chamber) 60Hz - 20KHz with an Average Sensitivty 96dB/1W/1m.



Says Troy, “The KLA Series is a remarkable package and is a 3-Way Cabinet using a 8” LF, 8” MF and a 1” throat HF all from Beyma with a horn coverage of (H°×V°)100°×20 and superb SPL and most important Fidelity from a very compact design. So it worked perfectly for both the Venues with 8 KLA28 Outdoors and 4 indoors. The Subs used were different. We used 4 of the horn loaded SW218M for Outdoors and 2 PF218+ for the indoor venue to reflect the acoustic signature of the venues”

The SW218M is a high SPL subwoofer used in touring and fixed installation such as nightclub, bar, concert, house of worship, entertainment center, outdoor performance, etc. SW218M is built with D.F.L.(Dual Frequency Loading) technology, which increases response speed and decreases inertial offset at the most. Optimized phase structure and V-shaped speaker reflector ensure smooth and average LF response, improve LF reflection efficiency, increase coverage of the sound, get extremely high SPL and improve sound quality and performance. Its Rated Power is 2000W with Frequency Response of 32Hz-160Hz and a fantastic Maximum SPL: 140dB .PF218B+ used at the Indoor Club is a 1600W RMS dual 18 inch subwoofer with compact size to deliver Superb low end without distortion. Its got superb tone specially for Indoor spaces with a Frequency response:35Hz?300KHz. The Smart crossover has stability , consistency and zero consumption, even with very high dynamic sound pressure.



“ I love the Sound of the Audiocenter system, but more important how the Setup seamlessly fits into the Venue. The Linearray is tiny in size but is really clean and Loud. I couldn’t believe my ears when I first heard it ” Says Ashish

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